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Food processing scenario in the Northeast Region has changed for the better from the year NERAMAC was incorporated. NERAMAC has been providing adequate support to fruit processing units. It has set up its own food processing plants which is helping farmers in getting right prices for their produce.

Highlights of the achievements in the Food Processing sector.

·    NERAMAC helped local food processing units by marketing their products in identified domestic markets through its own retail outlets. Some of these products are also exported.

Own Processing Facilities:

·         Fruit Juice Concentration Plant (FJCP), Nalkata, Tripura: Commissioned in 1988, the FJCP was set up at a cost of Rs 3.62 crore at Nalkata - a rich pineapple-growing area in Tripura. The FJCP absorbs almost the full production of pineapples in Tripura and Barak Valley of Assam. The setting up of the plant has helped improve the lifestyle of the pineapple growers who are mainly tribal people, as they get better prices for their produce. The plant has also contributed to the economic development of the area. Apart from helping the farmers, the plant generates employment of 20,000 man days throughout the year, in addition to twenty regular employees.

·        Cashew Processing Unit (CPU), Agartala, Tripura: The unit was commissioned in 1994 to cater to the cashew growers of Tripura. This unit too has contributed to the economic development of the cashew nut growers of the region specially Tripura, who are basically poor tribal farmers. The plant generates employment of 7500 man days, in addition to one regular employee.

·        Integrated Ginger Processing Plant (GPP), Byrnihat, Meghalaya: The unit with a capacity of processing 5 MT of ginger per day started operating from 2006-07 to cater the needs of ginger growers of North East. It produces clean and waxed ginger, ginger powder and ginger oil. Unit is organically certified.



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