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NERAMAC intervenes in sourcing, procuring and marketing a variety of agro-horticultural commodities produced by farmers of the NER. These include, but are not limited to pineapple, ginger, banana, chilies, black pepper, cashew nuts etc. and minor forest produces like hill grass. It also supports the farmers with agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers etc.

The categories of interventions by NERAMAC include; projects, skill training, bulk procurement of produce from farmgate (market linkage) and sale of retail products manufactured by entrepreneurs.



The activities undertaken as projects are all related to the sector and varies from plantations at the ‘input level’ to horticulture value chain addition by food processing as the ‘end product’. The Corporation, in the recent past has also ventured into eco-tourism as a means of promoting agri-horti produce.


Skill Training

With a view to equip citizens of the NER to use technology to increase their produce and reduce wastage upskilling is an area that NERAMAC entered into in the second half of the year 2022. Skill programmes have been undertaken for training farmers in Organic Farming, as Gardeners, Vermicompost producer, Bee Keepers, food processing, to name a few. RPL training is also being undertaken to facilitate certification of semi-trained farmers/ entrepreneurs.


Bulk Procurement

In order to provide market linkage, NERAMAC procures produce in Bulk from FPCs/ individual farmers. These include; Ginger, Bird’s Eye Chilies, Maize, Black Pepper, Raw Cashew Nut, Pineapple, Supari, Brooms etc. The produce is sold both within and outside NER. Metros, especially Delhi and Mumbai have also been targeted as possible markets. Exports have also been undertaken in a modest scale.


Retail Market

To encourage entrepreneurs and as a means to utilise local produce, NERAMAC also deals in processed packaged foods. These include; pickles, squashes, jams, jellies etc. NERAMAC retail stores are in Guwahati (3), Agartala (3) and Delhi (1). The scope and number of these is planned for increase in the near future.


Input Supplies

NERAMAC also undertakes marketing of agri-horti inputs like Fertilizers, Seeds, planting material etc. keeping in view of the overall agricultural development of the region.


Food Processing

NERAMAC has three Food Processing Plants; Pineapple at Nalkata, Tripura; Cashew at Agartala, Tripura and Ginger at Byrnihat, Meghalaya. All these have in the recent past (December 2022/ January 2023), been given out for Operation and Maintenance in PPP Mode thus generating considerable employment. Assistance is also being provided to FPCs to set up at least a primary processing centre at the block level. India’s only Dragon Fruit Processing Plant is being set up at Mizoram with NERAMAC as the Implementing Agency.

NERAMAC also provides training on Post Harvest Management and fruit processing from time to time to develop entrepreneurs for value addition of the agri-horticultural produces grown in the region in collaboration with institutions like Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore and other constituents Laboratories of CSIR/Agricultural Universities etc.


Trade Enquiry

For any trade enquiries interested states/parties may contact directly to the NERAMAC HQ or write to us at with CC to

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