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Future Projects


I. Central Packaging Centre, Guwahati

Food Processing is often branded as a sunrise industry. Though this industry has a bright prospect in the region, there is hardly any infrastructure created for its development as yet. Based on the abundant availability of fruits like pineapple, oranges, passion fruit etc. in the region, fruit processing has been identified as thrust industry. There is an urgent need to provide modern packaging facilities for the already existing as well as the upcoming processing units. NERAMAC proposes to set up a Central Packaging Centre near Guwahati, with an objective to provide assistance to the existing small fruit processors and to build a common brand name for marketing their products.

In the North Eastern Region there are more than 93 FPO registered processing units. Many of them are running under capacities. Moreover, under Technology Mission, Micro Processing Units are being setup, thereby bringing value addition at the growing areas. Considering the existing available capacity and coming up of number of Micro Processing Units, NERAMAC has conceived the project of Central Packaging Centre for overall marketing support to the existing producers and budding entrepreneurs. This will enable NERAMAC to pack processed products sourced from these units.

The North East region has immense potential specifically for tropical fruits like pineapple, orange, etc. Though this region produces very high quantities of such fruits, there was not much of serious efforts to utilise them for processing and marketing in Consumer packs which will not only add value but will also provide better realisation to the growers. With this twin objective of assisting small fruit processors and providing them a common platform for marketing, the proposed packaging centre will be equipped with modern packaging machines for making fruit juices available for marketing in attractive and convenient consumer packs. Creation of such infrastructure will give a fillip to food processing in the region. The proposed packaging centre will have modern facility for packaging fruit juice in smaller retail packs of assorted sizes & also bulk filling for export.

II. Multi-fruit Processing Plant at Silchar, Assam

There is abundant availability of fruits like pineapple, oranges, passion fruit and ginger in the Barak Valley District of Assam where no infrastructure exists for processing and value addition of such items for better avenues of farmers. NERAMAC is proposing to set up a Multi fruit processing Plant at Silchar as a Joint Venture project by suitably modifying the existing infrastructure of HLL/MFIL. This plant would also act as a mother unit for other feeder plants located in the surrounding areas since Silchar is at a quadrant place where proximity lies with States like Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura and Assam where substantial quantity of fruits & vegetables are grown.

III. Restructuring & Modernisation of the Pineapple Juice Concentration Plant, Nalkata (Tripura)

NERAMAC has set up a Fruit Juice Concentration Plant at Nalkata in 1988 which is located at a distance of 135 Km from Agartala. The installed capacity of the plant is to process 2 T/hr. of fresh pineapple to produce only pineapple juice concentrate. Besides, producing Pineapple Juice Concentrate in the plant there was no other infrastructure created for processing and value addition.

From the very inception the plant was running at a loss as it was a single line plant. Consequently, NERAMAC started producing juice concentrate in cold chain and supply is effected to outstation in refer vans with very low economical viability. Moreover, the concentrate is produced during the pineapple season that lasts only for a maximum of three/four months.

As per sequel to the above, NERAMAC proposes suitable diversification plan for a multi fruit processing unit at Nalkata by adding facilities like Aseptic Filler, commissioning of a canning & bottling line, renovation of the existing cold storage etc. for an assorted product mix of multi-fruit line.


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