Geographical Indications

For trading in premium international market, the GI registration of produce is highly desirable. NERAMAC has done the GI registration for 10 NER produce till date.

Geographical Indication

Sl. No.StateName of CropsGeographical Indication No.
1Arunchal PradeshArunachal Orange375
2AssamTezpur Litchi438
3AssamKarbi Anglong Ginger435
4ManipurKachai Lemon466
5MeghalayaMemang Narang437
6MeghalayaKhasi Mandarin465
7MizoramMizo Chili377
8NagalandNaga Tree Tomato374
9SikkimSikkim Large Cardamom376
10TripuraTripura Queen Pineapple436

Additionally, 9 more products are under process for GI Registration. Another set of proposal for supporting farmers both for GI and handhold in exporting is initiated.